The SonicMax Difference

SonicMax, BBE's patented technology, is used to recover the clarity of sound by compensating for the anomalies (behavioral characteristic) that inherently occurs in speakers and headphones. BBE's HD audio technology is widely known as the most advanced sound enhancement technology in the recording, professional sound and broadcasting world. The sound we hear in the natural world consists of fundamentals and harmonics. The fundamentals are the sine waves that provide no more than pitch information of the sound. The harmonics, on the other hand, contain very important information, which represent the specific character of sound (just like our finger prints). When we hear sounds in nature, all the high and low frequencies generated from these fundamentals and harmonics reach our ears at the same time - producing what we would call a clean, pure sound.

When live sound is captured, processed, transferred and played back through today's myriad of electronic devises, fundamentals and harmonics inevitably get out of sync due to impedance and power restraints. This results in sound that seems unfocused or mushy.

Speakers, for example, have a tendency of delaying higher frequencies compared to lower frequencies due to their voice coil inductance and moving mass that is also inductive. This tends to mask the higher frequencies, making them less audible. When we hear such sound we feel the sound lacks high frequencies and the clarity and realism are lost, even though the acoustic spectrum appears exactly the same as that of the electronic input signal. The sound appears to be muffled. To try to recover the clarity and intelligibility, we typically increase the amount of high frequencies by using tone control or equalizer. The sound is improved somewhat but it tends to become harsh and unnatural.

Instead of simply boosting the high frequencies, SonicMax first time-aligns the frequency spectrum by delaying the mid and low frequencies, thereby allowing the important high frequencies to reach the ear in the proper time sequence, in front of the mids and lows as they would in live sound. BBE dynamically restores high frequency energy to restore the attenuated highs. SonicMax sound is more natural and clear when compared to tone controls or equalizer's.

SonicMax sound is very close to the original live sound. The sound is natural and crisp. Unlike tone control or graphic equalizer's simple boost, the BBE process can provide greater clarity and definition - like nature intended