SonicMax FAQ

Is SonicMax Pro an equalizer?

No. Equalizers manipulate sound by suppressing and boosting various points on the audio wavelength spectrum. SonicMax Pro doesn't distort the spectrum-it keeps it aligned. Because of impedance and power restraints, most speakers (earbuds, earphones and docks included) tend to delay the high frequencies, causing the mid and low parts of the audio to reach your ears first-out of sync with the high frequencies-resulting in sound that is muddy and unfocused. SonicMax delays the mid and low frequencies so that all the sound (low, mid and high) hits your ear at the same time. This results in what we would call pure, clean sound.

Is SonicMax Pro a loudness filter?

No. The old way of adding "BOOM" and "SIZZLE" to audio was by activating the loudness filter -increasing the lowest and highest frequencies and leaving a major hole in the middle. The end result is certainly "louder," but the quality is also harsher and definitely less natural. SonicMax Pro's patented technology is far more sophisticated and nuanced. (See "Is SonicMax Pro an equalizer")

What's Lo Contour? BBE Process? iSet? What the hell do they do?

SonicMax was first developed for professional sound engineers and musicians to help improve the quality of live performances. 25 years later, we still use the terminology that our fans in the music industry have come to associate with SonicMax and BBE.

For the rest of us, here's a quick overview of SonicMax Pro's core features:

Lo Contour - restores the detail and warmth to low frequencies
BBE Process - restores clarity and definition to high frequencies
iSet - Adjusts center frequencies to your find mid-range "sweet spot"
Sound Field - expands the sonic depth and presence of your audio
Mach3 Bass - "bumps" low frequencies for more thump
Mach3 Gain - "bumps" the low gain for more punch

If you'd like to learn more, check out "the BBE SonicMax Pro App for the best performance" or visit

Why does SonicMax Pro crash when I launch it on my iPhone 3G?

Unfortunately, SonicMax Pro will not function on the iPhone 3G or earlier models. SonicMax Pro has been optimized to work on Apple devices with iOS5 installed. SonicMax Pro will also work 3Gs and later devices using iOS4-but with limited functionality. To enjoy all the benefits of SonicMax Pro, you need to upgrade to iOS5.

Where are the Bass and Treble settings?

What?! An audio player without the classic stereo settings! That's crazy. But SonicMax Pro is no ordinary music player. Antiquated settings like Bass, Treble and Loudness tend to distort and produce sounds that are harsh and unnatural. Our technology affects the playback of your music in an entirely different manner. (See "Is SonicMax Pro an equalizer?") We encourage you to experiment with the settings to find the balance that's right for you and your music. We're confident that you'll find your "sweet spot" pretty fast.

Where did my music go? Why do some of my songs play and others don't?

SonicMax Pro will support most types of music files except files protected with DRM (Digital Rights Managed). Older non iTunes Plus DRM files will not load or play on SonicMax Pro. Sorry. Please note that any DRM protected music purchased through iTunes can be upgraded through iTunes Plus to remove the DRM protection.

Why do some songs sound more enhanced than others?

Perceived differences in the enhanced HD-quality of the tracks is a result of the production quality on the original track. How a track is recorded, engineered and mixed is a varied as the styles and tastes of the artists themselves. Also recording techniques have improved greatly over the past twenty years - so don't be surprised if your copy of Lady Marmalade from 1975 doesn't sparkle like the latest release from Lady Antebellum. BBE is working on solution to address these differences. Stay tuned.

Can I play videos or movies through SonicMax Pro?

You'd think you could, right? Well, unfortunately, SonicMax Pro can't play videos, movies just yet. To date, what we've heard in our labs has been good - but not great. When it's great, we'll certainly share it with you. That's a nice way of saying, "We're working on it."

Will I be able to play my music on other music players after using SonicMac Pro?

Absolutely. SonicMax does not alter or affect your original music files in any way. Marky Mark will always sound awesome. Don't you worry.

Will SonicMax Pro work with Pandora or Spotify?

Soon. We're working on that.

Will SonicMax Pro work with my car stereo?

If you currently playback music in your car thru an auxiliary 3.5mm jack, BlueTooth or a iPod/iPhone compatible dock, you are in for a treat! SonicMax will make your next trip to market or your commute to the office just a little bit sweeter. But be forewarned, if you are the type of driver who likes his/her car stereo's subwoofer, bass, mid or treble settings turned up to eleven, you will need turn those settings down just a tad. We recommend your stereo's settings be set to "flat" for optimum performance. For your neighbors' sake, not ours.

Will SonicMax Pro work with AirPlay?

Yes. You can find AirPlay connections under the volume icon on the "Now Playing" screen.

Will SonicMax Pro work with my DJ setup?

If you're the type of DJ who carries your catalog on an iTouch, iPhone or iPad, then SonicMax Pro will work with your set-up. But seriously, do you really want The Chicken Dance to sound THAT good?