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Sonicmax Pro for JVC

Tailor your music to your jvc product!

Upgrade your sound with SonicMax Pro for JVC, an iOS music player app that allows you to optimize your sound for specific JVC home audio systems, car audio products and headphones. The custom app from JVC and BBE Sound, Inc. feature’s BBE’s patented Sonic Maximizer® HD audio technology that restores the natural warmth, clarity and definition that can be missing from digital music files.

The JVC app features presets that tailor the BBE processing to get the best performance out of selected JVC products. Or, you can tailor the sound to suit your own personal preferences using the app’s controls.

two versions of sonicmax pro for jvc are available

A free version that allows use of the app on three songs per day, or a full version for unlimited use.

Both are available in the iTunes App Store.


SonicMax Pro for JVC offers presets for the following JVC products.




Car Audio


Home Audio